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Anal Sex Guide

Anal Sex Guide

Anal Sex Guide

While anal intercourse is often a source of discomfort or fear in many people, it is a practise highly valued by those who want to embark on this journey. Here are some tips that might help you with your anal sex experience.


To begin, make sure that adequate lubrication is used. Saliva is not enough to reduce friction as it evaporates quickly. Anal lubricants are often different in consistency compared to regular lubricants: they are usually more silky, flexible, and thicker and sometimes gel-like.

Vaseline or any other lubricant based on petroleum, weakens condoms that would render it ineffective. It may also irritate the delicate tissues inside your body and should therefore be used with caution.


Anal sex can feel great, which is why many people include it in their sex life. But anal sex can hurt if you’re not relaxed or if you don’t use lube. Using plenty of lube and starting by inserting smaller things (like a finger) into your anus, then working up to bigger things (like anal toys) can lessen the pain. It is also possible to apply an anal desensitizer with lidocaine or benzocaine to the anal region which will aim to help numb the area and allow stimulation by somewhat dissipating the unpleasant sensations. 

Begin Stimulation

Patience is the most important word in this part. Make Sure to apply a generous amount of lubricant and slowly insert a finger or a toy. This gradual penetration will be very appreciated.Once your partner informs you of being ready, it’s best to let him or her guide the penetration. Your partner can move his or her body in order to control the intensity and this control will help him or her feel more confident.

Avoid thrusting too fast as this could cause injury.  It is important to be physically relaxed and mentally ready. If your partner is tense, the experience will not be pleasant for either of you.You should also keep  communicating during partnered anal sex so you can tell your partner how fast or slow they should go.

Stimulate the Prostate

The prostate, or “P-spot,” is found internally about 2 inches from the anus on the front wall just below the bladder. Male prostate stimulation can turn out to be an unexpected explosion of pleasure! Apply pressure or use prostate massagers when massaging the area to help awaken the P-spot. Observe the reaction of your partner and the joy that comes with it.

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Stimulate the Internal Clitoris

Women can also enjoy anal sex, especially with anal toys. It is often described as a feeling of fullness, which can be delightful. Most orgasms stem from the clitoris, including anal orgasms.  It is the only part of the female anatomy designed specifically for pleasure. For women, anal sex can stimulate the internal clitoris, which is highly pleasurable.

There are different types of anal toys, vibrating or non-vibrating, specifically designed for anal penetration. Anal toys like butt plugs, anal vibrators, dildos, prostate massagers, are often made with a wider base also known as a “safety stop”. Using regular vibrators (without safety stop), such as bullet vibrators for anal stimulation may put you in a dangerous situation as they may stuck in your body.

Although many types of materials are used in anal toys, silicone is usually considered as the best because of its antibacterial properties.  In addition, silicone toys made for anal penetration may also be used as regular vibrators. Make sure to use  toy cleaner between each use. If the toy is shared with other people, it is Highly  recommended to use it with condoms even if the toy is made of silicone.