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Kegel Balls Guide

Kegel Balls Guide

Kegel Balls Guide

Kegel balls have many positive attributes: increase libido, gently stimulates vaginal walls , strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, enhance vaginal elasticity and prevent or cure incontinence induced by pressure or exercise.


Kegel balls with weight inside can cause a pleasant ‘knocking’ sensation with pelvic movement. Using Kegel balls is an excellent way to gently stimulate the vagina to produce natural lubrication during foreplay. 

Another type of Kegel balls  do not have any weight inside them. They require more muscular tension to keep them inside the vagina. They can slip out if the muscles do not provide a sufficient grip on them. They can be used after firming up the muscles with the weighted kegel balls, to intensify Kegel muscle exercising.

There are many models of varying size and price.Since each woman is different, it is often necessary to make instinctive choices and think about past experiences with vaginal balls in order to get the right size. If you are unsure, we recommend  medium-sized Fun factory Uno (for beginners), and Lelo Luna Beads Classic (for advanced play). They are comfortable, made from safe and easy-clean material.

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Start Training

It’s important to use your new balls where you can easily insert and remove them.

You insert them the same way as a tampon: you get in the most comfortable position: crouching, sitting or lying on your back. The lower part of the balls (when they come in pairs) is normally placed about 2 cm into the vagina.
At first, it might feel like the balls are going to slip out. This is quite natural, because the muscles used are not strong enough to hold them inside. Eventually, they’re going to be strong enough to keep them back with less effort.

Tips: Make sure you clean your balls properly, before and after you use them, with a special sex-toy cleaner. In addition, if the balls are uncomfortable, they may have been inserted too far up the vagina, or are too close to the vaginal entrance. Simply slip them out and re-insert properly.