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Pipedream Fantasy For Her Her Ultimate Pleasure

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She always craved oral sex play and wished she could enjoy more often. Now she could. Her Ultimate Pleasure would be able to give her the intimate ecstasy she was looking for. First, she pressed the button to activate the vibration and then traced her body with the pulsating pinpoint pleasure. She knew this was going to feel so good deep inside her later—but first she wanted to explore the oral sensations. She placed the oval cone of Her Ultimate Pleasure over her yearning mound. It perfectly cupped her labia, clitoris, and most sensitive lady bits.



Silicone Tongue with Soft TPE Sleeve

Intense Suction

2 Pleasure Attachments

Simultaneous licking, sucking, & vibrating action

4 Powerful Motors

3 Suction Patterns

7 Tongue Motion Patterns

10 Vibration Patterns

Magnetic USB Charger

Vibrating Silicone handle offers G-Spot Stimulation