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Puissante Coco - Pink

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Everything you always wanted to know about Coco and Puissante!
‚óè 10 different modes for both suction and vibration.
‚óè 7 modes for intensity, 3 random modes, which can be dissociated according to suction or vibration!
‚óè Comes with a pocket lubricant + a User Guide
‚óè Discreet Packing
‚óè Coco is made of medical silicone and ABS plastic. It does not contain any allergens.

✌️ 2 years warranty
⚡️ USB rechargeable
üíß Coco is waterproof
üå± Made of medical silicone, Suitable for mucous membranes

Thoroughly clean your Coco before and after use with a vibrator cleaner or mild soap, then store it in its pouch provided for this purpose.
Do not put your finger in the suction membrane to avoid any malfunction.

How does Coco work?
Coco permet une stimulation interne et/ou externe, grâce à deux boutons distincts !
With its suction part, it allows stimulation of the clitoris . The vibration mode and its malleable center allows it to bend to penetrate.
Coco varies the pleasures thanks to its 7 intensity modes, 3 random modes, which can be separated according to the 2 parts üòé

Is it possible to activate the suction without the vibration?
Vibration and suction are two independent functions!
You can choose to bend your Coco to allow double stimulation, or not!üôÇ
Each button is dedicated to separately activating the two modes, so you can adjust the intensity levels of each to your liking üòâ

How does it recharge?
Coco is rechargeable via USB cable. There are two pins on the top on which the charger is magnetized! üîã
The cable is provided in your order üòâ
Charge it for 1 hour for 2 hours of battery life!

Where is it made?
After months of research to make made in France, it turned out that it was not possible, at least for the moment! 🤞
So we found a great supplier in Asia who only works with Europe 🇪🇺, USA 🇺🇸 and Canada 🇨🇦!

What material is it made of?
We chose medical silicone to manufacture Coco because it is a material designed to respect the mucosa of the vagina and vulva. It is also made of ABS plastic (inside), which offers good resistance to your vibro ❤️ The quality of these materials is excellent and they do not contain allergens.

Is it Waterproof?
Coco is Waterproof and adapts to all your Aqua pleasures. üõÅ

Does Coco make noise?
The coco makes a little noise because it has a small motor 🤫
Compared to other vibrators of the type existing on the market, it is very quiet!

How do I clean my Coco?
The hygiene of your vibrator is essential to continue to please you in complete safety. üëç
Coco is made of silicone; you can simply clean it with water and a little neutral pH anti-bacterial soap (with an intimate soap for example). Be sure to rinse it well then let it air dry.