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Sex Toys Guide

Sex Toys Guide

Vibrators Guide

Vibrators VS Dildos

The difference is quite simple: the vibrators vibrate and most dildos do not. Most dildos are phallic shaped sex toys and are built for insertion, vaginally, anally, or orally. They are essentially artificial penises made from different materials. Vibrators usually have powered functions and deliver controllable sensations in many different combinations from buzzing, pulsing, to rotating and even thrusting.  

If it’s your first time getting a sex toy, you probably want to go with a vibrator. After all, with almost ¾ of women requiring clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm, a dildo that you insert clearly wasn’t going to do it.

Vibrator Styles

Everyone’s body is different. Finding the right size and shape for you can make the difference. If you are not sure,  try with your fingers first and see what you like.

Keep in mind that vaginal, clitoral, anal, and prostate vibrators  are all different in shape and style. They are designed to stimulate different parts of your body. Some vibrators keep things simple and focus on delivering delightful vibrations, there are also vibrators with built-in rotating function for added excitement. Some of them have a pulsating, rhythmic movement, and some of them can actually thrust as you use them.

Bullet & Egg vibrators are elegant, discreet and easy to use. They’re enough to put in your pocket. But small doesn’t mean basic. are a great way to add some extra excitement to the clitoris during intercourse, or as a part of your solo time. 

bullet vibes

Classic vibrators typically resemble the shape of a penis and range from four to eight inches in length. These can be used for both internal stimulation (penetration) and external stimulation (clitoral stimulation). Modern vibrations can be used at different speeds to let you go at your own pace.


classic vibes

Clitoral vibrators are designed to be used externally to stimulate the clitoris. They come in many different shapes and sizes–some of the most common are egg vibrators and butterfly vibrators. They can be used in solo play, or use while having sex. The most famous brand is Satisfyer, and has received thousands of incredible reviews.

G-spot vibrators are specially designed to enter and stimulate the g-spot of a woman during penetration. They feature an angled or hooked tip for targeted stimulation. G-spot vibrators are popular for solo masturbation play, and also for use during foreplay together with your partner.


Rabbit vibrators are some of the most popular female vibrators that stimulate both the vagina (G-spot) and the clitoris simultaneously. They became  famous when featured on Sex and the City. They are consistently rated one of the best types of sex toys by users & reviewers.

rabbit vibes

Couples Vibrators are designed to be used during intercourse with your partner. It can be as simple as a vibrating cock ring but advanced models can stimulate the g-spot, clit, and penis simultaneously

Anal vibrators are designed specifically for backdoor fun.  Most anal vibrations take the form of a butt plug or a string of anal beads with built-in vibrating action.

anal toys

Prostate massagers are designed specifically for a man’s prostate. These vibrators help men reach their g-spot (known as the P-spot), located about 2 inches inside the anus. With proper training, these massagers can lead to incredible prostate orgasms that are even stronger than penile orgasms.

What else to consider?

Vibrator Materials

Silicone, plastic, glass, and metal are common materials for vibrators. Most people prefer silicone over other materials. It’s soft, durable and pliable so it is ideal for both internal and/or external stimulation. It’s easy to clean and can be sterilized if you wash it properly. Plastic, glass, and metal vibrators are generally smooth but hard and not pliable. They are easy to clean with disinfectant or cleaner.

sex toy cleaner

Vibrator Size & Shape

What size is best for you? If you’re unsure between two sizes, choose the smaller one. A small vibrator can still be enjoyable, while a big one might not be fun. Also, make sure to check its circumference. The length is less important when you control the penetration.

When you have sex or masturbate, what spots are the magic places on your body that you always want to reach? You might not be 100% sure about the shape, so the best way to know is to try a few different styles until you find the magic mix of size and shape that works for you.

vibrators guide

Vibrator Prices

If it’s your first time buying a vibrator you’re probably wondering what the difference is between a $40 vibrator and a $400 vibrator. It’s basically determined by materials, features, and technologies. Vibrators with unbelievable low price are usually made of poor quality materials. They do not last as long, and may be hazardous depending on the material used. Don’t worry, Mayablue only carries 100% body safe vibrators. Small bullet vibrators maybe a good start if you concerned about the price. 

Some expensive models that are worth the price. Brands like Lelo, Zalo for example, are high quality, offer long warranty and are beautifully designed.


Using the right lubricants for your vibrator is certainly something you want to do. You will get much more pleasure from your vibrators with the right lube. 

Water based lubricant is normally the best option for your vibrators.  It’s safe to use with all kinds of vibrators and sex toys. It is also easy to clean. The only downside is it may not last as long as silicone lube.  It works great as long as you reapply more.

Silicone based lubricant is perfectly suitable for internal use or for sex toys made of hard plastic, metal or glass, but NOT silicone.  Silicone lube WILL melt and cause permanent damage to your silicone vibrators. So stay away from silicone based lube with you silicone vibrators.

water based lube

Bath or Shower Usage

If you’re planning to take your vibrator to your bath or shower, read the manual carefully as many vibrators are NOT waterproof.  There is also difference between being waterproof and water-resistant.

Most vibrators are some degree splash/water resistant. But they can cause injury or get damaged if you submerge it into water. Waterproof models on the other hand: if the vibrator says it’s specifically waterproof it should be safe to submerge in water. It’s still the best to follow product manual.

Anal Usage

ONLY use specifically designed anal toys or prostate massagers (both with safety stop) for anal pleasure. Using regular vibrator such as bullet vibrators for anal stimulation may even put you in a dangerous situation as they may stuck in your body. Please check out anal sex guide page for detail.